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Mission Accomplished | February 17, 2010

The people voted, and I do what Gene Simmons always says and give the people what they want. So I went to Lilla Dalarna, the Swedish restaurant just down the street from my apartment.

I’m sure at some point in my life I’ll once again be faced with a bilingual menu that I cannot read, but I’m not sure those languages will be Japanese and Swedish. Thankfully, they had an English menu. This also meant that she must’ve thought at first that I was Swedish.

No hard bread, but some rye and other fresh breads.

First course: Salmon and a few different kinds of herring, I think.

Salmon, caper, bread, butter. Yes, I ate it. And yes, I enjoyed it.

Tiny shrimp and avocado salad, with salmon eggs and cucumber.

Cute little hole-in-the-wall place. Seats a total of 18 people.

The food was clearly more gourmet than any Swedish food I had ever had. In our family, we eat the common people’s food: meatballs and sausage and herring and pickled stuff and smelly stuff. Sometimes pickled smelly stuff. So I couldn’t resist trying the meatballs, because the only meatballs I’ve ever had are ones my family makes, and of course the ones from Ikea.

Meatballs and veggies and mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. Can’t get much better than that! This meal was absolutely delicious — the spices in the meatballs, the gravy, potatoes, all of it. Even the broccoli was perfectly cooked and not drenched in other flavoring.

The shelves were stuffed with real Swedish ingredients.

There was real Swedish writing.

And, apparently, real Swedish people from Sweden have been here, too.

Come on back, now, y’hear!

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  1. That’s a cool little place. Food looked pretty good to me! How random though, a Swedish restaurant in Japan? Who da thunk? I guess one day someone realized hey, there needs to be a Swedish restaurant! And you were prolly the most Swedish looking customer they’d had in weeks.. hence the confusion ;-).

    Comment by Cheryl — February 23, 2010 @ 8:08 am

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