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Sesame Seed Dining | February 16, 2010

One night, some of my co-workers and I went out to dinner. We tried to find shabu-shabu, but they were all full. While on our way to another place, we came across a restaurant named Goma Dining (“Sesame Seed Dining”). We decided to give it a try.

Apparently they take their name quite seriously, because EVERYTHING they served came with sesame seeds on it. Jumbo shrimp? Topped with sesame. Mashed potatoes? Topped with sesame. Soy sauce? Infused with sesame. It kept getting funnier and funnier the more plates they brought out that were topped with sesame seeds. I think they took grilled shrimp and pasted it with some kind of sticky sauce simply so they could dip it in sesame seeds and coat it like a Balboa Bar.

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  1. […] Goma Dining!!! This is called goma dango. We also had mitarashi dango, which is covered in syrup made of sugar […]

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